About Maggie
"It doesn't matter what you do or say but where you are coming from when you do it or say it."- Maggie

For most of my life I had no idea how truly unhappy, sad and angry I was. At one point, I began to realize something was “off.”  I  didn’t know what it was,  I  just knew I needed to do something different.  That realization started me on an amazing journey and it continues to unfold.

The journey began with a search for some sense of happiness. Along the way I became more ‘self’ aware and started noticing how I was creating my own unhappiness. I studied The Course in Miracles which changed my life dramatically.  Later I found Inquiry and the inquiry process of The Work of Byron Katie.  I had not realized the power that thought had over my daily existence.  Thoughts that I believed about people and situations in my life was creating my unhappiness.  I had blamed my mother for not listening to me and wanting to run my life, my father for abusing and leaving me, my first husband for having an affair, my daughter for not wanting me in her life and blaming me for her problems. I judged my second husband as unenlightened and not loving enough. I saw my son-in-law as trying to control my daughter. Mentally, I attacked my bosses for not taking advantage of what I had to offer. Then I attacked myself for being judgmental and unable to live according to all the spiritual principles I had learned.

As I inquired into those beliefs I could see them as untrue and they melted away. Thought had less power over how I related to Life. Realizing truth has set me free in ways difficult to describe.  I find I am a better listener, more understanding, clear, compassionate and, ultimately, kinder to myself and others.

I have realized that I love my mother, father, daughter, former husbands, son-in-law, former bosses and more importantly myself more than I thought possible. From that  place, I find that I frequently  live with an amazing sense of internal quiet, peace and deep gratitude.

Realizing  Truth for myself is what I am most interested in.   I trust the process of Inquiry to support me as I sit in the questions that arise.  The process frequently results in uncertainty, and being lost with no frame of reference.  This uncertainty is often accompanied by feelings and sensations that I might describe as uncomfortable.  I’ve realized that it is just Life moving through me and it is all welcome.

The ‘me’ that shows up as Maggie in this life is mother to beautiful Wendy, mother-in-law to entrepreneur Mike and Grandmother to amazing Callie and Carson. They show me the way.

The humanness of me experiences all emotions and that includes sadness, anger and grief.  There are also times where I behave in the exact opposite way I want to behave. I make “mistakes” on a regular basis.  I have also learned to follow my Heart which has required jumping off a few cliffs into the unknown.  Each experience brings a unique gift and I see  Life as an experiment that is constantly unfolding.  All this leads to laughter, compassion and gratitude.  Nothing serious is really going on here.

In my professional life I have worked as an educator, a director of staff development, a director of human resources, a consultant to organizations, a master facilitator and trainer, personal life coach and facilitator of Inquiry.

If my story resonates with you, contact me, I would love to hear from you! As a Facilitator of Inquiry I work with individuals, couples and families to facilitate transformational change.  I experience my greatest joy when I am sharing Inquiry with those who are also interested in realizing  Truth.

Following My Heart and Jumping off Cliffs

“Following my Heart” hasn’t always been easy. It has, however, led me to amazing and life changing experiences. I have changed career paths a few times, found myself exploring new ways of living in the world, and followed a spiritual path that has led me to some wonderful mentors and teachers.

Jumping Off Cliffs

  • I changed both my first and last name at the age of 38. I chose “Maggie” because I loved it and the name “Carter” because it was the maiden name of a favorite great aunt.
  • I left the secure and wonderful job of classroom teacher and director of staff development to start my own consulting business at the age of 45.
  • For my 50th year my then-husband and I took a year away from regular life to travel around the world with just a backpack. It was a magical, spiritual, adventurous journey. If you want to read about this journey you can go to Amazon to see Joe’s book “Bus Rides, Baguettes and Buddhas.
  • I left my job as Human Resource Director with a fabulous and innovative company when it become evident that the fit was no longer there and traveled for a few months in Europe.
  • I’ve entered into two marriages with amazing men and in both cases we decided to go our separate ways. Each “divorce” resulted in very powerful experiences. I love each of them in ways I never imagined possible.
  • In April of 2008 I sold my house and “moved” to Mallorca, Spain with the thought I would live there, become an ex-patriot and learn Spanish. I left Spain four months later, wandered a bit and landed in Ojai, California for a year.
  • In July 2010 I put everything in storage again, packed my car for what I thought would be a 6-months period of traveling and after one month I found myself renting a lovely place in Bend, Oregon.
  • A year later I moved yet again, this time to Boulder, Colorado thinking it would be lovely to be among the most gorgeous mountains on the planet.
  • Again, a year later I’ve moved.  Atlanta, Georgia is my new home.  God has a very funny sense of humor taking me to a place i never imagined i would live. People ask “Why?” and my most honest answer is “I don’t know.”


Accreditations and Affiliations
Graduate – Institute for Life Coach Training
Graduate- The School for The Work of Byron Katie

BA in Elementary Education
MA in Reading and Linguistics
Ph.D. in Staff Development, Adult Learning, and Leadership