"Who are you when you are not afraid to be who you really are?"- Maggie

Are you ready to “dive in” and realize for yourself what is really True?

Through Inquiry and an open mind you will realize for yourself that you are not who you think you are!  What you believe about others and the world is also not true. Identifying with “thought” prevents you from realizing for yourself what is really True.

Inquiry with Maggie is for you if you are:

  • More interested in realizing Truth than getting what you think you want
  • Ready to experience Inquiry beyond just feeling good
  • Ready to come out of hiding and see what you have been blind to and afraid to see
  • Open to fully hearing your internal wisdom no matter what it might cost you
  • Willing to embrace all that Life offers
  • Ready to laugh and cry and be gentle with yourself no matter what emotion or feeling is experienced

I am here to partner with you, listen and ask questions. If you are ready to “dive in” and unravel the stories that keep you from Love, contact me.

Individual Sessions I partner with individuals, couples and families who are interested in bringing more peace and clarity into their lives.
Workshops and Retreats I offer complimentary monthly teleconferences and 3 or 5 day Inquiry Intensives with small groups. Each is an opportunity to dive into YOU. Go here for more information
I love sitting in new questions, pondering my experiences and sharing my insights with others. Click here to stay in touch, read my musings or ask a question.


“During the Intensive, Maggie walked me through a labyrinth of questions that took me to the boundary of what I knew and then held the space for me to let something other than myself answer the question. Grace happens again and again as she facilitates me or another.” - Beth
"What I love about Maggie is that she's the real deal. She is authentic and honest and sincere in such a refreshing way that I can't help but to just give myself over to her."- Alice